The blue Segara Anak Lake.
The idea of going to a lake sounded splendid to my ears after a long hike to the summit. After going through all 7 Bukit Penyesalan, I totally deserved some sort of a reward. With that thinking in my head, I set off with the other hikers from @lintang.indonesia to visit the Segara Anak Lake. Little do we know, the road downhill was as tough as going up.

After 7 hours of walk, we finally reached the campsite by the lake. Walking in the dark could really dishearten you. While the night kept getting darker, the road seemed to be endless. It was so bad, I injured my ankle and caught a hellish fever that night. After a quick late dinner, I took a panadol and slept like never before. My body was demanding rest and sleep after 3 days of non-stop walking.

That night was such a nightmare. Knowing that we will be walking for 12 hours on the next day, I really felt like giving up. However, the the sun came up and everything changed in the morning. I woke up to an amazing lake view that I stared at for hours. My muscles were sore and my left ankle was still injured, but my spirit was somehow lifted just by looking at the most beautiful lake I've ever seen in my whole life: Danau Segara Anak.
Meet our porters. The funny thing is they were always the last to leave the campsite, but they were always the first to reach the next stop. These guys were only using flipflops for crying out loud!
Smiling from ear to ear!
Camping and fishing in the morning.
Preparing lunch.
The Segara Anak Lake is definitely worth the pain. If you have more time, you should probably spend a day around that lake. Some activities you can do around the lake are showering, fishing and taking a hot spring bath! Unfortunately, I was too much in pain to do any of those. All I could do was sit by the lake with a cup of hot coffee in my hand. Yet, it was such a blissful moment.

To get the lake, I had to go through quite a journey. Here is a video that can recap all of that. Warning: that's what 4 days of no shower looks like.
As written above, we had to walk for another 12 hours on that day to get to the base camp. Everybody got up as early as possible so that we would reached the base camp at 8 PM. However, everybody was so mesmerized by the lake view, we ended up leaving the lake at 10.30 AM and reached the base camp at 12 AM! The walk back home was very long and tiring, but we were so happy when we saw civilization. By civilization, I mean street vendors with cheap cold drinks to purchase!

I can't thank Lintang Indonesia enough for such a wonderful trip! If you are looking for an adventurous outdoor getaway, Lintang Indonesia is very much trustworthy to keep you safe and bring you back home.
Thanks Lintang Indonesia!
An obligatory photo with the whole team. Thanks team!

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