Melbourne is a city full of culinary delights! Other than city sightseeing and several suburb outdoor fun, there was nothing much to do in the city but munching in different cafes everyday.

If I were to spend longer days in Melbourne itself, I would be very fat and broke. I know that I said I'm not much of a foodie, but these desserts were something that I can't enjoy back in Jakarta! Even though we have a lot of hipster cafes in Jakarta, these places were very much known among the locals and you would find them packed during coffee time (which is pretty much every hour of the day). 

 Take a look at these hipsters cafe that you should totally visit in Melbourne.

1. Max Brenner
Never seen a bowl of marshmallow this sexy before.
A chef friend brought me here to try its Belgian Waffle. Little did I know that these waffles were to die for! I was very much curious of its chocolate pizza, but I was too full and I had to rush to catch a flight to Sydney. Oh how I wished I had more time and more stomach capacity!

If you are not in the mood for a bite, visit Max Brenner for some chocolate souvenirs to be brought back home!
Chocolate Heaven.
Vanilla ice cream and chocolate covered Belgian waffle.
2. White Mojo
Doughnut madness!
White Mojo is one of the cafe that opened earlier this year in the Hardware Street. They hit the market pretty strong and ambitious, they had recently opened another branch in Balwyn. The place was choke full of people, but it wouldn't be a surprise if you have tasted its signature dishes - soft shell crab croissant burger and smoked salmon on sourdough. It is definitely an interesting way to plate an American burger by placing in Japanese soft shell crab and French croissant together.

The place was very instagrammable with white interiors all over it, but I doubt that anyone would be able to take OOTD worthy photos considering how packed the place was. Instead of doing that, you might want to visit White Mojo for lunch. It is well known for more than just its coffees. 
White Mojo, 115 Hardware St, Melbourne CBD.
Beware of a sudden sugar rush.
3. Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters
Hash is another cafe located in the Hardware St. I think it first went booming because of a viral video of its Fairyfloss Hot Chocolate. For that very reason, we went and ordered it. 

Not a huge fan of sweets, I decided to order a cup of cappuccino that felt just right with a windy winter in Melbourne. That espresso got me hooked and wide awake. It was strong and addicting at the same time. Other desserts were available but they were a bit too sweet in my opinion.

The highlight of Hash was actually the service. The waitresses were brilliant and super helpful. Plus, they take so much pride in their work. 

The little details do matter, take the complimentary water and fresh flowers on top of every table for example. However, the place was a bit too dark and cramped, which are not to my likings. Even so, I would come back again, probably for a takeaway long black.

Fairyfloss Hot Chocolates.
Because it's snapchat worthy.
A plate of panacota for a vegan friend.
What creates magic every morning.
 4. The Hardware Societe
120 Hardware St, Melbourne CBD.
I didn't go to this place, but this one is definitely the talk of the town! The lines were too long but I think you can book a table through the phone. As hyped as it is on the internet, some reviews said it wouldn't worth the queue.

Personally, I wouldn't wait too long for my brunch. But if you are that much of a foodie, then you probably should.

All in all, Hardware St. is a street worth visiting. It has many dining and cafe choices, more than you can ever take for a day. My recommendation for you would be to visit these 3 places and share the food with your mates. That way, you would taste and take in more delightful cuisines.
Hardware St.
5. Doughboys Doughnuts
Look at those melting sugar! <3
Doughboys Doughnut is said to be one of the most tastiest doughnut in Melbourne. But to me, that depends on personal preferences. What I know is, the locals are very much passionate about doughnuts! When I was taking photos of my doughnut, a local friend would even told me to stop taking photos and eat the doughnuts before they're cold. 

Upon the first bite, I was hooked. I was never a sweet tooth, but if Doughboys Doughnuts ever became a religion, I would be quite devoted!
They do not sell any desserts other than doughnuts, but coffee and other drinks are available. There are only 3-4 tables in the shop, but the queue wasn’t long. The place is designed to be a takeaway stall instead of a place to sit and chat.
What kept people on the hook was its ever changing menu. This is done to present something fresh to the customers. That was why my friends kept on coming back here once in a while to try something new and fresh!
My orders.
535 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000.
6. Degraves Street

If you ran out of places to visit, Degrave St is always an option. Filled with well known places such as Waffle On, Little Cupcakes or even Espresso, Degrave St is a lovely choice for brunch! 

Once you're done with brunch on Degrave, you can get artsy by seeing some of the local artists' exhibitions or even shop around the area. Just stop by the Flinders St Station and walk for a few minutes around the area. Other than Degrave itself, a short walk will take you to Hosier Lane and State Library Victoria. Or take a 20 minutes tram ride and you will soon reach the National Gallery of Victoria! This area will definitely be an exciting city exploration to you.

Melbourne has lots of exciting cafes and dining options all year long. However, exploring the city during its winter gave a whole different experience by itself! That is why visiting Melbourne during the winter is not so bad, just make sure to keep yourself fed and warm.
What was left of autumn. Have fun exploring Melbourne!

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