Forget Marina Bay Sands or Clarke Quay, Singapore is more than just that. I remember visiting Singapore for those places, but I also remember being bored. Those places were great, but one visit was more than enough. 

My last visit to Singapore was different than the previous ones. I was visiting Singapore for a coverage for The Perks of Being 20 that involves a lot of photo hunt to locate some of the most Instagrammable places in Singapore! In case you missed it, I have posted some photos from these places in my previous post.

Check out these places worthy to be included in your Instagram feeds:

Just like the sports hub we have in Jakarta, this sports hub in Singapore is quite a catch. Its colorful running lane makes a great spot to take OOTD photos if you are willing to sit or lie down on the floor. Not far from the running lane, you will find a tiny skate park. Once I saw that skate park, I took some time to talk to the skaters and took photos of them! Isn't traveling better once you meet new people?
No matter how slow, you are still lapping everyone on the couch.

This lane is definitely for skateboarding. Too bad I didn't bring my penny board with me on that day.
Meet young Singaporean skaters.
2. The Pinnacle
The Pinnacle is known to be one of the most sophisticated public resident building in Singapore. Interestingly, my Singaporean friends had talked about it, but never knew that they could go inside. It took some time for us to figure out the way up as well. There is a ticketing office located in one of the residential building. With only 5 SGD, you can gain access to the 50th floor to explore its sky bridges! The view from above was amazing. It is definitely a cheaper option than Marina Bay!

From the 50th floor.

The view from above.
I could probably spend hours on a lazy chair like this with a view from the 50th floor!
3. People's Park Complex
This spot is a bit tricky to find. We had to wander around the area for some time until we found a parking building that gives symmetrical residential building as the background. The parking space was all white, giving us a very Instagrammable spot all around us. 

The alleys were an interesting spot to take photos as well. If alleys in Jakarta are dirty and messy, some of the alleys in Singapore are actually clean and well managed. It's funny how government policies makes huge differences alleys to alleys.

A clean alley nearby the people's park complex.

Instagrammable background is a symmetrical background.
More symmetrical background.
Playing with color.
This is OG People's Park which is very easy to spot. Not as nice as the parking spot, but it will do.
4. Chinatown
Putting food aside, Chinatown is a very interesting spot for me. It gives an ethnic feel that is more in order than China itself. The people and the decorations came together making me feel like I was somewhere outside of Singapore. However, it was too neat to be China.
Once you visited mainland China, you would know what I'm talking about. 

The food itself is definitely tasty. I tried a bowl of fish soup that got me wanting for more. Other than the food, the Buddha Temple was definitely a sight. A few minutes walk from the main street of Chinatown will get you there. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to see the monks reading the Tripitaka, which was quite an experience to me. They were reading with corresponding voices and tones for hours!
Welcome to Chinatown!
A busy alley filled with souvenir vendors.
The fish soup that got me wanting for more.
A visit to the Buddha Temple is definitely a must!
5. Abandoned railways
There are a few abandoned railways in Singapore that could be a good spot for your OOTD shots. These railways are located near Rail Mall and King Albert Park, both are walking distance to the nearest MRT station! Unfortunately it was raining hard that day, my friend and I had to use an umbrella to explore the railways. We ended up not getting much photo opps, but if you take note of the weather, you will be able to get better photos than we do!

Do you have anymore recommendations of Instagrammable spots in Singapore? Leave your thoughts in the comment below.

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