It's funny how excited I was to be in a plane again. As much as I hate long flights, I hate not traveling even more. I woke up that early morning with such hectic schedules, but during all of that, my heart and my head was already very much enthusiastic for my flight to Timika.
First photo from the land of Timika.
This trip wasn't an ordinary traveling opportunity. I was accompanying my youth pastor from church to minister to a local church in Timika. If you're curious about the ministry itself, talk to me in the comment box below and I will try to combine them in another blog post.

Other than the flight and the ministry itself, I was also excited to explore Terminal 3 of Soekarno Hatta Airport. I heard a lot about it, but once I saw it with my own eyes, I was even more amazed. All I could say is: good job Angkasa Pura!
Showcasing photos in black and white just because I don't have a low light ready camera lens. 
Departure check in counters.
Because I had some time before boarding time, I headed downstairs to explore some more. 
It was 8 PM, these pilots were heading home.
They were heading home as well.
It was 8 PM, these female security aviation officers were just starting work.
The only thing that I find lacking from Terminal 3: it's taxi queue. It can take hours until you can grab a cab.
Nevertheless, good job Angkasa Pura!
As seen on the first photo from this post, I flew during such a bad weather. The turbulence during the entire flight was so bad, I was hardly sleeping at all! After a short transit in Bali, we finally arrived at around 6 AM. The first thing to do was to get some sleep. The next thing to do? Get something to eat and drink original coffee beans from Timika!

Our host took us to Waanal Coffee and introduced us to one of the best cafes in Timika. I liked the place, but I liked the coffee even more!
A delicate art piece.
Welcome to Waanal Coffee.
Found a coffee bean named Siandia. It kinda reminds me of Jessica. Get it?
I didn't go around much in Timika. It's mainly because there isn't much to see anyway. However, life in Timka itself is pretty interesting. The streets were empty and by their description, the word 'far' is what you use for a 30 minutes drive. At 4 PM, I roam around my lodge and found that the streets were busier approaching the end of the day. Adults were probably heading home from work, while kids were playing on the streets. There aren't much activity going on after dinner time. 

A few interactions with people on the street made me realised that there are very few locals in Timika. I met quite a lot people from Makassar and Ambon, but few from Timika itself. Apparently, people flock from outside of Timika looking for a better opportunity, one of which came from Freeport.
Timika by the end of the day.
A trishaw vendor waiting for customers.
I saw this mountain at the far end of a street. I wonder what it's called.
Play time.
On the second day, we were hosted by the local pastors to visit a Freeport city called Kuala Kencana, which I will write about it more next week. Kuala Kencana is definitely the it goal for everybody living in Timika. As written above, Freeport is quite an opportunity wanted by mostly everyone in Timika. The facilities in Kuala Kencana are definitely better than what they have outside of it. They have shopping centres, libraries, parks, gyms and even a golf club! These things are quite a luxury in Timika.

That's why people are crazy about Freeport. Staffs working in Freeport are given great housing with all of these facilities included according to their rank and position. If you wish to read more about Kuala Kencana, come back again next week.
Playtime for the kids. 
Playtime for the adults.
This golf club has 18 holes to enjoy and is considered to be one of the best golf courses in Asia.
As amazing as Kuala Kencana is, it's golden period had passed. Today, Kuala Kencana is open for public, causing damages in properties, vandalism and even local street vendors flocking in the city. These are what the street vendors were selling to the expats living in Kuala Kencana.  

I didn't do much on the 3rd day. My pastor and I flew back at 14.00 WIT and arrived in Jakarta at 18.40 WIB. The 6 hours flight ended my trip to Timika. I sure am looking forward to visit Papua again to explore even more! 
Timika, you will be missed!

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