Whoever made this have too much time on their hands.
I was driving back home when my dad called me on the phone and frantically told me to get home as soon as possible. Because I couldn't find any news from the radios saved in my tuner, I was driving easily through the highway. I had no clue how crazy the situation was.

Once I got home, my mother gave me a huge hug, thanking God that I arrived safely at home. I still didn't realize how bad it was until I saw what went on from the TV. I was surely glad that I arrived home unharmed in such a chaotic situation. 

That feeling didn't last long, because anger came sooner than expected. Looking at violence on many different footage angered me. I was very much angered while I was watching a video of a retail store destroyed along with a few police cars. I was even more angered once I heard that some civilians were throwing rocks at random cars in Gedong Panjang. I have no problem with people voicing out their aspirations. I was angry because people were hurt and terrified. I believe every aspirations voiced out should still be done in an orderly manner. If it isn't in order, it is no longer an aspiration, it is a coercion.

I was so angry, until I remembered Liam Neeson's sad character from the trilogy of Taken. In case you haven't watch it, you TOTALLY should. I probably loved it because I thought that at the end of every movie, Liam Neeson had finally fixed everything in his life through violence. I thought that a happy life awaits him for the rest of his life. Turns out, there was more gruesome revenge waiting for him in the next sequel. We probably won't have another sequel of Taken because it is getting predictable, not because he finally solved all his problems with violence.

My point is, being angry at angry people doesn't solve anything. We can't eradicate violence with more violent behaviors. I'm not only talking about physically obstructing behaviors, I'm also talking about the smallest threatening words spread around the social media from both sides. I was very annoyed to see people fighting over their beliefs in social media while none of their comments will really change anything.

I remember fully what my best friend told me as I was throwing tantrums at a taxi driver in Agra, India. He told me that if the other person loses their head, you shouldn't. This is very true in every situation. This is why, it is important to balance feelings and logical thinking. Once everybody loses their head to anger, they lose themselves to irrational behaviors. Thus, nobody will even have the sense to look into the data, analyze situations and find a better approach of problem solving.

Don't spark a bigger fire.

Once I realized that my anger wouldn't do much to change the situation, I discarded my feelings and took on a logical choice to enjoy memes instead. Seriously, what could be better to soothe your emotions down other than non-provocative memes creatively created?

Here are some of my favorite memes from the 'Aksi Damai' that happened 2 days ago. I totally saved the best for the last! Scroll down and let me know what you think of my collections. Do you have funnier memes that I fail to include? 
At least he wasn't violent.
It might actually work!
No comment.
So true.
I can relate to this.
Warm up for the upcoming biggest dance festival in Indonesia?
Credits to awkarin.

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