I guess it won't be overrated to claim these food as the best traditional food in Java. 

During my travel days in Java, I have found these food to be suitable to my taste buds! In fact, some of them pretty much gave me a reason to come and visit the town again. 

1. Mie Ongklok Longkrang
Once arriving in Wonosobo after a few days in Dieng, I asked around for the best traditional food in Wonosobo. A bus driver told me that I should go to Mie Ongklok Longkrang. Oh boy, he can't be more right! The place was usually packed with tourists but since I came very early, I had the courtesy of having the first bowl of the day. 

The noodle is served with satay and also green chilli. If you are a huge fan of green chilli, then mixing noodle and satay to it turns out to be a great idea! Not to worry, all these plates came only with a price of Rp 25k!
Satay to accompany the noodle.
You're welcome!
 2. Warung Pecel "Mbok Kami"
Street food at its best!
Probably the healthiest food I ate during my travel days in Ambarawa. 
Warung Pecel Mbok Kami is a stall located in an alley of Ambarawa. It is quite invisible to the tourists' eye, but definitely a locals' favourite! 

Now pecel in Jakarta is known to be a plate of rice with fried chicken or fish. However, in most places, pecel is known to be a mix of rice and vegetables. Since I couldn't find much vegetables during my traveling days, this plate of pecel Mbok Kami was probably the healthiest food I found in Ambarawa. Other than healthy (probably), it was also delicious and cheap! 
She is probably Mbok Kami.
3. Bakmi Djowo
More noodles!
There are definitely lots of Bakmi Djowo in Java, but this one was quite my favorite. Located in Semarang, Doel Noemani is a must visit whenever you're in town. If you're not into noodles, they also have other interesting local food on the menu.

4. Mie Koclok 
Although I am not a big fan of noodle, I would actually go back to Cirebon for a plate of Mie Koclok! It's actually a chicken noodle, but the soup is made out of chicken broth and coconut milk. The soup was extra-thick accompanied with noodle, egg and chicken. I really wanted another plate, but Cirebon was a city full of culinary delights! If you wish to know more about my culinary adventure in Cirebon, you can read it in The Perks of Being 20!
More noodles!
We ate from the car because we were too full to move. Dang it Cirebon! 
 5. Nasi Jamblang
Please note that Cirebon is a culinary heaven. Coming in to Cirebon on a new year would be a total diet resolution chaos. Take my dinner experience with Nasi Jamblang for an example. A plate wasn't enough and I kept on adding more to my empty plate. What I loved most from Nasi Jamblang was it's black squid (cumi hitam), beef lung (paru) and potato fritters (perkedel kentang)! I actually kept on eating more fritters non-stop! I probably ate more than 10 of it.

Nasi Jamblang could be easily spotted at night on the street side. It might look kind of dodgy, but this tasteful experience is definitely worth it.  
Just looking at it makes me hungry.
Quite dodgy huh?
If those are too traditional for you, check out Loffle Pop Up Dessert in Semarang! Loffle is a dessert bar that serves almost every desserts you can probably think of. You can pick your dessert choices ranging from healthy bowls of fruits to toasted bread and juices to milkshakes. 

I quickly picked a bowl of “Wake Up Call” that is filled with banana, kiwi, strawberries, granolas, etc. It was super tasty and it only costed me Rp 21k! If only Loffle is a few walks away from home, I would probably be extremely healthy.
A bowl of Wake Up Call.
More about Loffle in The Perks of Being 20.
Which one do you think would be your favorite? Or do you have any other food to be included in this list? Let me know! 

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