Semarang was a very lovely city. Although it was my first time here as an adult, I have a few lovely memories from this city. One of which was a new year's eve experience with my parents when I was a kid. My dad and his friend drove us from Jakarta to Bali during the holiday season and stopped in Semarang for the old and new. I remember watching the fireworks lit up the sky from the hotel window. It was one of my best childhood memories. 

Growing up, I realized that Semarang is know mostly known for its food, old vintage stuffs and Lawang Sewu. Since years ago, I've been wanting to check out Lawang Sewu so much! Its creepy stories are definitely inviting for a curious traveler like me. If you notice, one of my very first travel blogging experience took place in the creepy land of Toraja

Finally, I got the chance to visit Semarang after solo backpacking to Dieng and Ambarawa. After having a quick brunch at Loffle, two local couchsurfer took me to explore Semarang. When they asked me is there any particular place that I wanted to see, I quickly said Lawang Sewu!
Lawang Sewu was used as an exhibition venue on that day.

The hallway. That's my new friend, Denissa in frame.

Local decorations. 
As I walked through the hallways, I realized that Lawang Sewu has a new brand image. It is no longer scary and creepy, it is now known as a very hipster place! Many university exhibitions and concerts took place in the area. The management have also closed the basement tour, thus ending the spread of ghost sightings stories. 

The place didn't look scary at all. But that feeling lasted until I met a strange old lady in a dark hallway of Lawang Sewu.
Right where I met her.
She said, "If you want to see something, go to the uppermost floor. Take photos and you will see it." 

She must have noticed that I was walking around taking photos of the building. She probably thought I actually wanted to see something. Although, I was not interested in seeing anything scary, I was very much curious to see every room inside the building. After she left, my friends told me that I should go to the attic. They said that it is the scariest place in the building. 
To the attic.
What's so scary about this?
There you see it. The attic. I remember taking lots of portraits of my friends and I. Up to this day, I see nothing but me and my friends faces on the photo. I guess it's just a matter of perspective and beliefs. Perhaps, it also depends on how much time you spent watching horror movies.

Personally, I see Lawang Sewu as a magnificent building. One of the best heritage that Indonesia has in this modern society. 
Beautiful stained glass in one of the buildings.
Shadow play.
Mother and daughter day out.
As you can see, Lawang Sewu could actually be quite Instagramable! What was more Instagramable than that, was the old city of Semarang! Although I wasn't familiar with the location, we were running out of things to do and they decided to take me there. I wasn't amused at first, but it turned out to be one of the best big city exploration I've ever had! There were so many vintage stuffs to see that brought back memories. I loved it so much, I probably took too much time in this area.
A photo booth. If you wish to take a photo on the chair, you need to put some money in the container on the left. 
Antiques for sale.
Vintage candle holder.
Soft porn back in the days. 
My parents weren't even born yet!
Could it be a war remain?
I find this corner very appealing.
Gereja Blenduk, the oldest church in Central Java.
This one day tour in Semarang was really fun! A little creepy, but it was totally worth it! It reminds me to travel back in time once in a while, instead of always looking forward to the future. I hope this blog post also encourages you to check out local museums and appreciate the past even more. It is through history do we learn to avoid the mistakes of our past. 

Till next week! 

PS: I will be in Bali working and exploring. Any recommendations of places to visit and food to eat? 
New friends: Denisa Lalitya and  Dhea Lisa!

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