What does it feel like to be thrown 60 meters high to the sky?
It pretty much feels like this!
It really gave me mixed feelings. I was very shocked of the change in altitude and I didn't quite know what to feel. After a few seconds, I realized that I should start screaming to let the tension out and avoid injuries. You would notice the change in my expression if you watch the complete video below! 
Launched into the air!
It was definitely worth to do! The price of a reverse bungee with 5GX ranges from Rp 250k to Rp 350k per person, depending on the number of friends you want to share the excitement with. As you can see, they have 3 seats for every rides. The more seats filled, the cheaper it will be for the riders. You are not allowed to bring anything on the ride, but you can buy the full video or photos for only Rp 100k. Make sure to bring your flash drive or SD card to take the files home!

My friend and I bought the video and managed to snap some of our stupid expressions up in the air. Here are some of it.
Not my best angle.
I look high.
5GX is located right in front of Sky Garden. If you are interested to try it, head over to Sky Garden and you will find 5GX just across it. To me, it will definitely be one of the most memorable 3 minutes of my life!

PS: More posts from Bali will come in the following week!

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