Before I flew to Bali, I searched for some of the most picturesque destinations in this island. Other than looking for an adventure that is filled with adrenaline rush and underwater exploration, I was also very eager to take good photos! 

That was why I googled "top photography destinations in Bali" and found Kali Unda on the result page.
Happy local kids at Kali Unda.
Local kids taking a shower.
Located in Klungkung, it will take around an hour from the airport to reach Kali Unda. As I was exploring Bali alone, I didn't mind the long ride from home for a good photo opp. Of course, taking good photos was the objective, but I came home with something much more than that.

As much as it is a photo spot, Kali Unda is also a waterpark for the locals. Kali Unda is where they shower and wash their clothes. You would see kids playing and jumping from the top of the waterfall all day long. To me, this was definitely a sight. Seeing those kids playing without any burden reminded me of my childhood that was pretty much 'weightless'. 
Showering and doing chores at the same time.
Little explorers.
Sometimes you need to jump and take a leap of faith.
Pure joy.
I envied them so much. The sight of them spending hours without a care in the world was something that I rarely see in Jakarta, a town where time becomes a precious commodity. I realised that as I was moving around Bali, I tried to make the most of every minute as if I was still in Jakarta. You may call it discipline, but I think it was just too much. I was on a holiday for crying out loud!

As I sat down in front of that waterfall, taking photos and enjoying every moment, some kids came by asking to see if I took any cool photos of them. That was when I interacted with some of them and asked them to jumped a few more times for more photos. 
Thanks kiddo!
Getting ready for a backflip.
Off he went!
Not bad, kiddo!
This kid got style.
My exploration to Kali Unda was even more enlightening than expected. I came with a camera in my hand and I left with more than just photos. Watching the local kids laughing and playing on the river reminded me very much of the true definition of joy. It is not about having things, it is about making the most of things.

In one of my posts from The Perks of Being 20, I wrote a little bit of gem that I found from a book I've recently read by Robin S. Sharma. It says that the world tries so much to relate happiness to something big. A big fact bank account, a big number of followers on Instagram or a big leadership and influence over a group of people. In this modern world, we tend to measure happiness, while it is actually more qualitative than quantitative. Happiness is a state in mind. How the heck can we measure happiness by the mortal things of this world?

At the end of the day I was reminded that the chase of money, fame and power is like the chase of the wind. It is futile. Even worse, it leads to destruction of morale and self identity.
“The moment I stopped spending so much time chasing the big pleasure of life. I began to enjoy the little ones, like watching the stars dancing in moonlit sky or soaking in the sunbeams of a glorious summer morning.” – Robin S. Sharma
"Never underestimate the simplicity of things." - Robin S. Sharma
I was smiling from ear to ear by the time I left Kali Unda. The 2 hour visit was totally worth it. It gave me great photos and a reminder to be happy again. I guess, the morale of this post is to never let adulthood steals happiness from you, no matter how tough growing up is.

Instead, find joy from the smallest things in life. You may be broke, jobless or brokenhearted, but happiness can still be found even in the depths of hell. Probably not that extreme, but you understand what I mean, right?
Thanks for the lesson Kali Unda!

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