So Valentine's coming, how excited are you?

If you ask me, I'm not excited at all. Valentine is far from exciting when you have no one to spend it with. Think about it. Without a lover, it 's just another day. It doesn't even come with a holiday! 

But in the spirit of the celebration, I kept this post since last year to introduce you to what I think is the most romantic place on Earth. Seriously, it could probably get you in love with a random passing stranger.

Okay, that probably won't happen. But standing in the middle of beautiful sakura parks in Aomori, Japan, can really leave you breathless. 
Hirosaki Jo Castle surrounded by beautiful cherry blossoms.
Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see.
Hirosaki Jo is a castle located in the city of Hirosaki of Aomori Prefecture. First built in 1611, the castle was moved last year in order to be able to fix its foundation. I was amazed at the technology they used to literally move the castle from one base to another! Beyond that, I was amazed at the fully blossomed sakura trees that were decorating the whole park into pink. It was a perfect day to go out and enjoy its beauty.

What I mostly saw from the scene were couples holding hands, but families and friends were also seen enjoying the scenery around the castle. There was so much love in the air, romantically and non-romantically speaking. 
Red and pink.
Fun sibling day out!
This couple was rubbing it on our faces.
More lovebirds in sight.
Although it was such a romantic afternoon,  some were seen spending it alone. If I was living in Aomori, that would probably be me. I wouldn't mind enjoying such a lovely scenery alone. Perhaps, a book or a thermos of hot coffee would be a great company.
This would probably be me. Can you relate to this?
Colleagues spending the after office hours in the park.
The complex of the castle itself is massively huge. It took us the whole afternoon to explore everything. Soon, the skies turned dark and I ran out of camera battery. Our tour guide took us to our hotel for dinner and we ended the day with a nice bowl of ramen. I slept while smiling from ear to ear after enjoying such a sight.

It turned out that we were spending the next day enjoying more sakura parks! I was very excited when our guide told us about this enchanting railway that is surrounded with a sakura tunnel all around it. More than that, we were given a chance to ride the tourist train that will pass that railway. It's called the Tsugaru Railway.
From inside the train.
Pretty colors.
Choo choo!
Aomori was a lovely prefecture to visit during the sakura season that will start next month! You still have a few more weeks to book your flight ticket to Japan and enjoy this beautiful sight with your loved one. In fact, a Sakura viewing trip to Japan could be a great Valentine Day gift to that special someone, right?

Here are more stories from my media trip to Japan that you can read for your upcoming trip:

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