One day you're swimming in paradise, running in a savanna and breathing the mountain air. Suddenly, the next thing you know, you're singing hymns and praying for your mother who is laying on a hospital bed. 

Life is a rotating wheel.

This week, life made a clear statement to me: life is nobody's servant. Clearly, it rotates as fast as it want to go. It doesn't even slow down when you beg for it to stop. Most times, it even stops at places you don't want to stay in for too long.

To take control of life is similar with trying to control the direction of the wind. It's futile. You can work, sweat or pray as much as you want, but life goes in a direction that nobody could ever predict. While science and technology had gone from curing malaria to flying human into space, up to this point and probably until the end of times, nothing had ever succeeded in predicting the future. Be it knowledge or mystical beliefs, nothing could ever completely alarm you of the future mishaps.

And so it rotates.
Without a manual book. 
Without a remote controller.
Without a pause button.

Your life is never in your control. Insurance and future savings are only risk preventions. You can minimise the risk, but you can never live a life with zero chance of mishaps. I guess the only thing that you can ever control is yourself. A wise person once said to me, "have so much strength in yourself to outweigh the pressures of life." 

The saying is true for everyone. Even though life is so much unpredictable, inner strengths will help us to withstand anything that comes our way. In the middle of what happened this week, I found my strength through the writings of David in Psalm 91. While reading the chapter to my parents in the hospital, I regain my strengths through the promises of God that says: come what may, everything works out for the good of those who love Him. 

I hope you get my point. It's 3 AM and I haven't been sleeping much lately. Since, I'm too tired of writing, I'm going to let these photos speak for my thoughts.
Take time and reflect deeply.
Intelligent people know others, but enlightened people know themselves." - Lao Tzu
When the wind blows...
Choose to laugh with the wind.
Take as much adventures as you can. Travel is food for the soul.
Just because it feels nice, doesn't mean it's good for you to hold on. Let it go.
No matter how wavy it is, trust the captain.
Take pleasure in extreme weathers. Even the scorching sun is a gift to the adventurers while the heavy rain is a gift to the book geeks and the lovers. 
Stand alone if that's what it takes for you to grow.
Everything has a purpose. Take note of the smallest hints in life.
Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you.
Take time to look up. Whatever's up there isn't created without a purpose. 
Enjoy the walk! You got a long way to go.
PS: Mom's better now. Thanks for the prayers and wishes!

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