You can never have enough good weather. Even after a day of having my skin totally burned out by Menjangan's sun, I was still running here and there under the sun during my day trip to Baluran.
Not a candid. This photo took more than just a few minutes.
That day, I woke with up with such an excitement to explore the so called 'Little Africa' in East Java. Having that kind of reputation, Baluran is best visited during the dry season sometime between July to December (that is if our seasons are still on schedule due to global warming). During those months, supposedly, the sun will be at its peak, killing the green grass and trees in Baluran, leaving the area brown and dry. Since we went to Baluran, during the rainy season, it was all green just like a scene from the 60s musical drama film where the hills are alive with the sound of music. 

The ride from my inn to the entrance gate of Baluran national park was only an hour, but since the road was a worse mess than Donald Trump's hairpiece, it took us another hour to finally got inside Baluran. Since the sun was up high in the sky, we decided to play in Bama Beach inside the national park before we spend more time on the savanna.
Meet Lina!
I couldn't see it swinging alone, I just had to keep it company. 
One of the monkeys we met in Bama Beach. They were quite vicious.
Not your ordinary group photo.
Not a big fan of sun tanning, but this air sofa was very comfy.
There was nothing spectacular about Bama Beach. It was a nice place to visit while sipping on exotic beach fruits during such a hot weather. Resting under the shades of tree and listening to the air gushing through the leaves was such a luxury for this city kid. Sadly, time was limited and we had to move on to our next destination, the savanna of Baluran.

The savanna was a 5 hectares area with natural ecosystem managed and taken care by the government for research and recreation purposes. The savanna is known for its vast population of deers and even peacocks. It was too bad we couldn't find one up close. However, I wasn't disappointed at all! Even without the animals and the brown savanna look, Baluran was still such a dream came true.
One of the most famous tree in Baluran.
A few of many buffalo skulls that decorates Baluran.  
When the capturer becomes the captured.
Meet Lina, again. She was quite the model that day.
After exploring the savanna for a few hours, I was drained and tired from the heat stroke. However, a mention of an outpost located on a hill was enough to get my curiosity alive again. Soon enough, I was trailing up the hill for a bird eye view of the savanna. The hustle was so worth it! 
The view from the outpost.
Nothing but green!
Deers spotted from afar.
The quick trip to the outpost ended the half day fun in Baluran. We weren't in a rush to visit more places, but we couldn't just stand the heat. After a total of 5 hours in Baluran National Park, my friends and I found ourselves fast asleep in the car on the way back to the inn. The timing was just right since we had to sleep early for a hike to Ijen Crater on the next day. But that's another story to tell and another blog post to write!

At the meantime, I am privileged to be writing about my Rinjani adventure for Travel Xpose (February edition) and Superadventure! It was a fun and lesson filled adventure for every nature enthusiasts just like myself. Grab a copy or visit the link to find out more about it.
Overlooking Baluran from the outpost.

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