Ahok Is Not the Key to the Change in Jakarta

As Chinese as I can be, I have never been a huge fan of China. It's true that they got this massive wealth, population and are currently taking over the world, but still, flying to Beijing for a family getaway was quite a burden. 

As I walked around the city, I couldn't help but fell in awe of its sophisticated public transportation. They got on schedule MRT, busses and even bicycle rentals everywhere that can be easily rented through smartphones! As I jog in Houhai Park, I couldn't help but secretly wishing that I could enjoy the same sport facilities in Jakarta. I was quite jealous that I don't have those things in Jakarta.

However, at the same time, I just couldn't tolerate the random spitting on the streets, the harsh bumps and the topless uncles wandering around in such modern MRT stations. Even with all these facilities, people couldn't develop a good habit of queuing to get their MRT tickets. At Wangfujing Market Street, I saw countless of men digging through the rubbish bin for leftover food to get them through the day! It was such a horrific sight. Soon enough, I realize that the city was developing so fast, that the people wasn't ready to keep up with it. 
Ahok surrounded by Muslim supporters in Rumah Lembang just a day after his first religion blasphemy trial.
Without trying to disrespect Ahok and his efforts in making a better Jakarta, I do believe that he is not the key to change, but the people are. It might be easy to leave the burdens of creating a better Jakarta into his hands, but he can only go as far as infrastructure developments and maintaining healthy bureaucracy. At the end of the day, with all of his contributions toward the city, can the people keep up with a better Jakarta? Are the people ready for a better Jakarta? No, let me rephrase that. Do we deserve a better Jakarta?

Ahok might have brought a fresh change of wind into the city, or even the entire nation, but he shouldn't be working alone for the people. Instead, the people must get themselves ready for these good changes that he had brought to Jakarta. Otherwise, the change would only be fixated on the government. Otherwise, the change would only be fixated on the presence of Ahok.

The people must grow in adjacent to the growth of the city. 
A man in Beijing digging through the rubbish bin for lunch.
Now that Ahok is gone from the governor's seat, it is time for us to grow up and take care of the legacy he had left. Rather than sulking about it, we should start doing something about it. With this mentality, whatever change might come, whoever governor holds control, Jakarta will always be revolving forward because the people are the key to a better Jakarta.

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