Eating Fried Scorpio in Wangfujing Street Market

Yes, I ate a fried scorpion.

If you were disgusted about the thought of it, then the video on the bottom of this post wouldn’t be a good watch for you. You will also find weird and disturbing snacks in this post, but for the sake of education and information, I urge you to keep scrolling down. You need to know how crazy it is on the other side of the world.

Other than it’s ceramic art, China is also known for its bizarre yet eatable street food. While India is known for dirty street food, China might not be as dirty but it is just plain weird.

First, they have the scorpions.  These scorpions were alive and thrust to a stick for shop display. Of course, eating them alive would not be an option. The Chinese have weird eating habits, but they are not cavemen. As weird as eating scorpions is, everything is fried and cooked well.

Then they have the cockroaches. I was really shocked to see cockroaches on display, kicking and trying to stay alive while waiting for their time to be fried. You can see their tiny legs trying to grab a hold of the ground as if they can run and save themselves from being eaten by curious tourists, such as myself.

I didn’t try the cockroaches because the scorpions were enough to satisfy my curiosity and eating cockroaches is not even weird, it’s disgusting. Call me scared, but I don’t care. I am never eating cockroaches unless it’s the last edible food on Earth.

For 20 RMB, I was handed a scorpion satay that has 3 scorpions on it. Even holding the stick gave me quite a fright. I told my dad to record the whole eating and made sure that everything was recorded. As I was doing so, I noticed people around me stopped walking just to watch, as if it was a Fear Factor episode.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

One last deep breath.





The first bite was the worst. I could feel its (used to be) poisonous tail crushed by my teeth and touches my tongue piece by piece. That is when the spices kicked in and I felt the saltiness on my taste buds.

A few more bites… it’s not actually that bad! It’s salty and crunchy just like the fried grasshopper that I used to try in Thailand. But just because it tasted fine, doesn’t mean that I finished the whole thing. I quickly took more photos and threw the rest of the scorpions into the rubbish bin. At the very least, one day I can tell my grandkids that I ate a fried scorpion.

PS: China’s street food isn’t all that scary. There are some others who are bizarre in shape and sizes but are definitely a treat! Enjoy these photos below and don’t forget to subscribe!
Alive and kicking!
The last two that I didn't eat.
Fried squid.
Chinese style omelette? 
Churros and ice cream turns out to be a very good mix!
Eggette, that's how they call it.
Shaved ice on a coconut for a sunny day.
Octopus tentacles for lunch, anyone?
The worst of em all, cockroach.
Last but not least, here's a video of me eating a scorpion. Whenever you're reading this, have a good meal!

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