Sydney City Guide: Top 4 Weekend Experience

A year has passed since my last year's trip to Melbourne and Sydney for the Hillsong Conference 2016. I remember the time I decided to come back again in 2017. I was so captivated by the whole conference experience that I bought my next year's ticket on the spot and started saving for a Sydney trip in 2017. Boy, has it been a heck of a year?

I've been hearing people asking me: "how can you afford all these travels?" At times, I would pause and be puzzled because it seems to be quite effortless with enough planning and savings. Sometimes people are great spenders but not the best money savers. But it all depends on what you really want. If you want to travel and see the world as much as I do, you would put all your focus, attention and money into traveling the world instead of eating at a high end restaurant 3 times a week. That is why I only changed my phone every once in 3 years with a budget less than a month's salary. In fact, I've been only consuming 50% of my salary to save enough money to save for all these travels! 

Anyway, I am getting out of track. If you are here for places to visit and dine in Sydney, you are in the right page. But if you are keen to know more about saving money to travel, why don't you let me know in the comment section below.

Back to Sydney!
Sydney Opera House in Circular Quay.
Honestly, I am not a huge fan of Sydney. It's a huge city with great seaside places to visit, but if you are a nature enthusiast like I am, Sydney would be quite boring for you. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun exploring during my weekends in Sydney last year. Since my weekdays were filled with conference, I had only a few days left in Sydney. In fact, I only had 2 days left! Worry not, because in 2 days you can actually do a lot of things in Sydney!  

1. Circular Quay
You haven't been to Sydney if you haven't been to Circular Quay. This beautiful harbour is an iconic place to visit as it connects Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. The view is amazing as you have both iconic places of Sydney on your left and right. Take the bus or the train that stops at the Circular Quay train station and walk for 10 minutes to the Sydney Opera House. After you're done exploring the area, take a visit to the Royal Botanic Garden that is only 5 minutes away!

If you have the extra time, take the ferry to Manly Beach that leaves from Circular Quay everyday! This is something that I missed last year, but hopefully I will have the time to do it this year. With less than 8 AUD, you can take the trip with your Opal card, which is also usable for trains and busses.

If you wish to just stay and enjoy the Circular Quay atmosphere, do so while sitting at one of the restaurants on the harbour. Soak in the sun and enjoy Sydney at its best.
The view from the Circular Quay.

2. Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach definitely has everything for everyone. Surf, sand, glitzy bars and markets are all available in Bondi. It is one of the city's busiest beaches that has people surfing even during the crazy cold winter!   

As the wind blew hard, I could see the locals swimming in the cold freezing ocean without a care in the world. The kids were still running around in shorts and enjoying the sunny day on the beach. Camel rides were available on Bondi Beach and were hugely popular for the families. Even if you don't feel like swimming or playing in the sand, Bondi is still an area to explore! 
Bondi Beach.
Camel rides as if they were in Sahara.
Did I mention about the food in Bondi? There are simply too many food to try, but the most iconic of them all would be the Hurricane's Grill. Price wise, Hurricane's Grill is quite expensive. It costs around 120 AUD for two person to dine in. Even so, I would say that Hurricane's Grill is quite a tasteful and mouthful experience that every tourists in Australia should try!

If you don't have the budget, simply settle down with Deep Fried Mars Chocolate Bars at Bondi Surf Seafood. With only 4 AUD, you can get one while it's hot!
Hurricane's Grill signature dish.
Look for this sign for Bondi Surf Seafood.
Look at the chocolate melts. <3
3. Chat Thai
I am not kidding you. Even though it is not as iconic as the first two, Chat Thai is definitely a dinner experience I am still craving for a year after I first tasted it. Possibly, Chat Thai is Sydney's hippiest Thai restaurant that is a must visit for all thai food lovers. 

As the restaurant is popular among the locals, the queue is always long and dreading. During that weekend, I remember waiting for almost an hour just to get inside. First thing first, write down your name on the queue list before you're hungry. That way, you won't have to starve yourself while waiting. 

Get ready to spend 50 AUD for two person's dining. If you wish to save more, come for supper as the food price are cheaper for some reasons. 
The hippiest Thai food in Sydney.
Fried pad thai.
I forgot what it was, but this was delicious.
Not your ordinary fried egg.

4. Blue Mountain
Blue Mountain is a mountainous region that covers the Three Sisters and the Wentworth Falls. If you are a fast trekker, these places could be covered in a day! Not to worry, the hike only took less than 3 hours back and forth, while the rest of the travels will be as easy as hopping unto a train or bus.

I will write more of Blue Mountain in my next blog post as it required more details. At the same time, it was so amazing to explore the Blue Mountain that I feel the need to elaborate more on the little details. 
Safe for the kids - Blue Mountain area is definitely safe for visitors of all age.
Posing in front of the Blue Mountain terrains.
See you in my next post. For the Indonesians, have a good long holiday break!

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