A School in the Wilderness - The Story of Mama Ance

Knowing that your life is called and meant for something is the best way to live. I believe so. That is why I am drawn to people who wake up everyday with something to fight for. In Sumba, I happen to meet a person such as this. Meet Mama Ance!
Mama Ance and her husband.
Mama Ance used to live in Waingapu, a big city in Sumba where facilities and education are more easily accessed rather than the villages. Growing up with such a standard, she met her husband and had to move to a village in East Sumba. Realizing that the same privileges that she had when she was a kid is not the same as it is in the villages, she decided to take an action for the kids of Sumba.

In 2009, she established PAUD Mbuhan Pahammu (early childhood education) located in the wilderness of Kadahang Village. By wilderness, I literally mean it was in the middle of nowhere.
Mama Ance's school.
In the middle of nowhere.
The only swing on the playground
At first, she began everything by teaching the nearby kids alone. Knowing that the nearest school could be kilometres away, she picked up these kids and took them to school. Upon arriving to school, she bathes them and made sure that they were clean before school. In Sumba, hygiene is a big problem that needs to be battled everyday.

As the began to attract attention, local mothers began to join in the act and teach alongside Mama Ance. Little did they know that they were sowing into a harvest so ripe. 

The impact of this PAUD began to grow and captivate many from the overseas as Mama Ance began to partner with the local churches and foundation. She began to receive international curriculums that she implemented in her PAUD. Today, the kids greet their teachers as 'Miss' and learns to pray in English everyday. Please understand that this is truly remarkable for the kids of Sumba who doesn't have the privilege of such education.

Photos of school activities placed on the wall. 
She teaches more than 30 kids, mostly child of farmers.
Mama Ance didn't stop until this very day. Recently, her PAUD had just received a government accreditation. Although they weren't accredited at a high rank, her PAUD is one out of the only two that receives such accreditation in all of Sumba! Congratulations Mama Ance!
Proudly accomplished accreditation.
Meet Rayhan, one of the local kids who received education from Mama Ance.
Another student of Mama Ance, Chika, who aspires to be a doctor.
Mama Ance and her team of educators.
The reason of our visitation was to guide a group of social architectures who caught the same vision as Mama Ance and decided to build a small school building for her growing school. Mediated by Gracia Thomas, these architects have been fund raising for the social project that will equip the kids of Sumba to face whatever globalisation and competitions to come. We can all do so much more together. If you are interested to support or keen to know more about the project, a simple DM to Gracia Thomas on Instagram will definitely be replied.
Rayhan definitely stole my heart.
I would like to thank Gracia Thomas and Wahana Visi Indonesia for the chance to see the other side of the world, first hand. I know it might not be that far from Jakarta, but the imbalance was just clearly visible. Thank you for the exposure and thank you for trusting me to speak to the kids of Sumba in your events. As a child sponsor, now I believe even more that we can all do something so small to impact people's life in such an enormous way. 

To be a child sponsor, check out their website! Please, take some time to consider it. You can change so much life by only sacrificing 3 cups of Starbucks every month. 
Thank you Wahana Visi Indonesia!

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