Must Do in New Zealand: Sky Dive!

So you've probably seen the complete video in my previous post about Bungy Jumping in Auckland. If you haven't here's the one I'm talking about:
Honestly, the video couldn't do justice to showcase the real thrill of the whole experience. It is impossible to summarise the 3 hours experience into a 3 minutes video. Everything started at 6 AM where I woke my friends up, whom I was able to talk into doing the jump, at a blistering cold of Queenstown. 

Known as one of the best city for it's wonderful nature exploration sites, Queenstown is very popular amongst tourists. That was why we booked our sky diving spots a few days early. Since the weather forecast says that it would be a beautiful morning, we booked a jump for 7.30 AM. The early cold shower in the winter was dreadful but it didn't stop me from excitedly rushing to get to the NZone Central Office at City Center. The whole experience were divided into a few pricing factors:

1. Height: 
9,000 ft - 20 seconds of free fall - 299 NZD

12,000 ft - 40 seconds of free fall - 339 NZD
15,000 ft - 60 seconds of free fall - 439 NZD

2. Documentation:
Handycam - selfie angle - 186 NZD
Free fall - a personal photographer will sky dive with you and capture every second - 259 NZD
The Ultimate Combo - Both selfie angle and free fall angle - 329 NZD

Since I was traveling on a budget, I chose 9,000 ft and a free fall documentation. I could really vouch for 9,000 ft for a first time sky diver because it wouldn't be too much of an experience for you. Plus, it wouldn't hurt too much on the crotch. Yes, the harness was quite a tight pull. In total, my whole experience costed me 558 NZD. 

After a short briefing, we were transported to the jump station where we were given a jumpsuit and were introduced to our tandem master. I was too nervous to remember the name of these people who were my tandem master and my camera person, but they were awesome. I can totally vouch for NZone's services!
Crammed up inside a small plane.
Final briefing before the jump!
The door was opened for the first time!
It was more of a throw rather than a jump.
Off we go! I was told to hold my harness until the tandem master taps me on the shoulder.
Look at the view!
The first chute was open and the free fall begins.
He tapped me and I could finally let go of my hands. I was told that it would be so cold up there, but I just had to get the messages on my hand out.

Doing it NZ style!
Second chute was opened, time to say goodbye to my camera person.
She continues her free fall to capture my landing from the ground.
This view was probably taken from 6,000 ft. I wasn't really sure. 
Her chute starts to open. What a view, right?!
That's me closing in to the ground.
I had to be nice to him, my life was dependant on him. 
A few friends whom I was able to persuade into doing the dive.
If you have the money and the chance, please do it. Fear is just a lie that whispers nonsense into your ear. If you don't trust me, listen to my friends who were scared but ended up smiling from ear to ear after the landing. In the sky, there was nothing but excitement, joy and zero fear. Take the first step towards courage and fear will disappear!

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