Lake Tekapo, A Heavenly View from the Church of the Good Shepherd

The picturesque Lake Tekapo was the destination. We drove from Christchurch to Lake Tekapo in the blistering cold morning in an attempt to catch a beautiful sunrise on our way. Turns out, the day was cloudy and foggy. 

From uphill, we could see snowy mountains on a far. Since Lake Tekapo is in the same direction as Mt Cook, we believed that those snowy mountains were our destination. We couldn't wait to have a change of scenery from all the greens in Christchurch! 
Foggy morning.
A view from the hills of Christchurch with Snowy mountains from a far.
We drove for almost 4 hours to Lake Tekapo. Every miles came with a change of scenery. Sometimes we would see a field of dry grasses, another time we would see mountains covered in greens. As we drove closer to the snowy mountains, the change of scenery became more and more extreme. In just a few minutes the scenery could change from a savanna to a winter wonderland!
Heading closer to the mountains.
The scenery changes from this...
To this.
As we enter the snowy fields, the temperature began to drop further and the wind grew stronger. At times, we could feel the wind blew our cars a few inches to the side as we were driving 110 km/hour. There was no trees to hold the wind back. To make driving condition worse, the road was icy and we had to be careful in every curves.

Even so, the view were majestic. Once in a while I would stop the car to take some photos. Later on, my friend decided to take the drivers seat since I wasn't driving fast enough because I wanted to take photos in different spots.

But really, how could you resist the temptation to take photos of these views?
Long road with nothing but wilderness.
Reminds me of Game of Thrones. Winter is coming.
Approaching Lake Tekapo.
We quickly settled into a restaurant for lunch. Since Lake Tekapo is quite a destination, the restaurants were also quite expensive. However, I couldn't complain about the view. With tall windows, we could see Lake Tekapo from inside of the restaurant. With that kind of view, we couldn't wait to go out and play!

Right after we ordered our food, we took our bags and headed to the lake and spent 30 minutes taking photos. It was longer than the time needed for our food to be ready, but it wasn't easy to just leave such a beautiful lake! 
Lake Tekapo at last!
One of the picturesque photo spot.
Blue water and white mountains under the clear blue sky.
We realized that our food might already be cold and rushed back to the restaurant. Since time was limited, we quickly finished our food and headed to the Church of the Good Shepherd. There was nothing much special about it other than the fact that it was built in 1953 and is still operating until today. The church is located right next to the lake which offers a heavenly view from inside the church. I believe the congregation has a clear picture of what heaven looks like right outside the church.

From the church, we walked to the lakeside where everything was covered with rocks. Watch your step cause they might leave you with injured ankle. 
Church of the Good Shepherd.
Overlooking Lake Tekapo. I am so grateful for the experience.
After spending 30 minutes to skip rocks on the lake, we headed back to our car and continued our road trip to Mt Cook. I still remember the feeling as we pulled away from Lake Tekapo and headed to Mt Cook. I remember feeling so grateful for the experience. Knowing that these mountains were well taken care also reminds me that God will take care of our every steps in life.

With that kind of thought, I drove further down south enjoying every frame of beauty that I saw, such as these photos below. Hopefully it would be enough to build your anticipation for my blog post about Mt Cook next time!
On our way to Mt Cook.
Thousands of feet above us.

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