Puru Kambera: Searching for Horses Running in the Wilderness of Sumba

The sun was up high in the sky as we rode through the savannah. My eyes were wandering far to the corners of every horizon to spot horses running around just like one of those Instagram photos from Sumba. Left and right I searched, but I was unlucky that I couldn't spot any horses in Puru Kambera. Needless to say, the search for horses got me realising how beautiful Puru Kambera is. 
Located 24 km from Waingapu, lies Puru Kambera savannah that is a habitat for many creatures of Sumba. Looking past through the savannah, you will see nothing but the clear blue ocean calling you to draw closer. Although the weather was hot, I was enticed to explore the outdoor on my own feet. As we got off the car, I find myself wanting to take another step further from the car as I was so enticed by the magnificent beauty of Puru Kambera that is truly Sumba.  
Puru Kambera Savannah
Scorching hot weather but I wasn't complaining.
As I wrote on my Instagram, there is beauty in everything, no matter how bad it might seem. If Sumba wasn't hot and dry, I wouldn't be able to witness this beautiful savannah by the sea!
I am sad to say that there is no other possible way of transportation other than renting a car or a motorcycle to get around. The road itself was curvy and dangerous, we wouldn't dare ourselves to drive in Sumba. I hope that infrastructures could be better for the people of Sumba and for the tourists in the coming future. 

This infrastructure problem had also caused an enormous need of water supply. Since the soil conditions are not suitable for the land to store water, the locals are finding a hard time to find water. Sometimes, they need to walk as far as 5 km just to get to the nearest well. 

Traveling in Sumba was quite tough to do, but once you're on the road, everything else is pretty much effortless. You can just sit back, relax and look for more spots to stop along the way. That is what we did that caused us to stop every time we see a cool spot to hang out on. 
The curvy road down to the beach.
As we were enjoying the ride, we noticed that our phone was unreachable, even with Telkomsel sim card. It was nice to be out of the radar for a while! As the car drove further to the beach, I couldn't stop smiling and enjoying every corner of my sight. That was when we stopped at a highland to grab a better view of Puru Kambera. 

It turns out that the driver chose an exact place to stop as it was one of the places that has signals. How did they spot it? Apparently the locals are familiar with what they call the signal tree. A signal tree is usually tied with ropes so that everyone could spot them. The signal wasn't very strong, but it was enough to call and text without the internet. Some locals literally placed the back of their phones against the tree to gain stronger signals! Such a wild and untouchable outdoor, right?
Road trip in the wilderness.
Quick photo with Ikkat fabric, originally from Sumba.
To take photos in Sumba with an Ikkat fabric is quite an Instagram trend. The prices of these fabric ranges from Rp 100k to Rp 10,000k! The quality can be seen distinctively from the details of these fabrics, which I will not talk about more just because I am not the expert in this.

After a few photo stops, we drove further to the oldest village in Sumba to meet one of the oldest generation of Sumba. But that's for next week! For now, let me show you the pretty beach with the softest sand in Sumba, which is Puru Kambera Beach!
Quick picnic during the sunset.
A fisherman boat on a shore.
There was nothing much to do at the beach, but it was such a nice closing to a tiring day on the road. With that said, I would take the road trip anytime again just to enjoy the natural beauty of the wilderness of Puru Kambera. Of course, I'll be hoping to see some horses the next time I'm in the midst of the savannah of Puru Kambera.

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