New Zealand: A Trip to Tasman Glacier

Humility was something I've always learned whenever I encounter something new. Even though in the urban society we have learned to poise ourself with confidence, I believe that a trip to someplace new will always help us attaining the right balance between confidence and humility.

How can anyone feel bigger when they encounter such magnificent view that is clearly created by Someone who is clearly bigger than they are?

As I was driving from Lake Tekapo to Mt Cook, I couldn't help myself but acting like a little child in awe of a magician. Simply said, I was in awe of the mountains standing tall on my left and right. 
What a road trip view!
Gloomy blue sky on top of the Mt Cook.
I was hitting the gas pedal fast just because we were running out of daylight. However, I remember taking a sudden turn just because I witness a clear and beautiful lake on a viewing point. My friends weren't complaining because what they witnessed was clearly the best representation of Heaven on earth. 
Chasing the view with my penny board.
The view that caught me speechless. That tall mountain on the far middle is Mt Cook.
Honestly, I wasn't able to remember the name of the viewing point just because I was too excited about the view. At the same time, we were rushing here and there because we were trying to get to Tasman Glacier before the sunset. For more of my New Zealand road trip itinerary, you can look at it right here.

Tasman Glacier is located in the mountainous region of Mt Cook. It is located in Waiau, a small town located in South Island that is remote and separated miles away from another town. Driving to Tasman Glacier at night was quite an intense experience because there was no street lights at all, or even headlights of other cars! It seemed that we were the only crazy ones to be leaving Mt Cook at such a time. But, how could we not fit in Tasman Glacier to our tight schedule when the view is very much rewarding? Take this Blue Lake located in Tasman Glacier for an example.
Blue Lake.

Witnessing Blue Lake mirroring the mountains above it.
Blue lake under a clear blue sky.
This could be the best father and daughter day out ever.
From the parking lot, the blue lake is only 10 minutes hike away. The road was rocky but it wont drain you too much as the hike was easy and pleasant under the beautiful skies of South Island. At times, I would pause and look around just to absorbed everything I could from this short experience. 

I spent around 30-45 minutes in Blue Lake just to skip rocks and breath in as much air as possible. My hands and my face were freezing but everything was worth the time!
The walking track in the wilderness.
This is what I say when I paused and turned around during the hike.
Even though I was enjoying the Blue Lake so much, I was even more excited to check out the Tasman Glacier. Needless to say, it was my first glacier experience. The hike from the Blue lake to the glacier took about 20 minutes. Since the air was cold, I forced myself to keep moving faster to warm myself. 

Once I reached the viewing point, I was so happy that I made the time to visit Tasman Glacier. I had never seen such a place surrounded by white and snowy mountains. Again, I felt like a little kid that I used to know.
Tasman Glacier
Not the best hiking boots, but clearly the best for a photo opp.
That speechless face I had when I couldn't say much about what I had witnessed.
The sun setting behind a mountain.
Time goes by really fast when you are having fun! After taking photos for about an hour, there was nothing much left to do other than standing in awe of the sunset view. We quickly head down before the track was hidden in the dark and drove for another 4 hours to our next destination. That was when we realized that driving in the dark in New Zealand is very much dangerous because of the curvy track and the blinding darkness.

I had learned so much from that one day trip to Lake Tekapo and Mt Cook. I realized that traveling sparks that child like wonder in us that eventually builds a sense of humility. Whoever we are, whatever position or title we have at the office, we are just another human being in the face of the wilderness. 

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