Walakiri Beach: Undoubtedly the Most Romantic Beach

It has been a while since I've released a postcard series from my travel opportunities. I guess Walakiri Beach is a perfect spot to unveil more beautiful photos that I've managed to capture during my recent trip to Sumba. There is not much to say about this beach. It was basically a hidden beach with very soft sand which made it a beautiful place for kids to play around. However, wait until the sunset and you will find the beach transform into undoubtedly the most romantic beach ever. I will let the photos speak for itself.
Playing with shadows and reflection.

Kids playing soccer during the daylight.
Soft and white sand on the beach.
Running barefooted on the beach is definitely the best feeling ever.
That melancholic feeling when there are only you and your shadow on the beach.

Kids of Sumba with zero worries in their mind.

As the sun sets, the tone began to turn romantic and couples start walking closer holding hands. It was magical.
When the sun starts to set, the white sand and blue ocean turns to orange.
Romantic orange light.
They are definitely going to miss this sunset.
Last photo of me walking on water, Jesus style. If you are ever in Sumba, Walakiri Beach and its coconut sunset experience is definitely a must!

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