A Cruise and a Quarter Life Adventure

I've never been in a position where I had to remind myself to enjoy life. 

I'd like to believe that I have the most exciting youth adventure. I mean, I traveled here and there, jumped off a plane, dived with sharks, bungee jumped and bathed in a unisex onsen.  How many of you have ever done one of those before 25?

Since I hit 25 last year, I've been constantly on a mission to tell every college student I meet to go out and travel as much as possible. Honestly, you won't get much traveling when you life hits you. I've been saving for future needs, juggling jobs and schedules like I've never had before. Soon enough, I realized that I needed to start reminding myself to relax, take it slow and enjoy the pace. Everything started when I graduated.

So I put out my best effort to enjoy my vacation to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Phuket on a cruise with my family. Vacation, cruise and effort do not really come together in a sentence, right? But I guess that's a different case when you are so swamped with deadlines and bomb chats from your colleagues. 

Luckily, there was no coverage on the sea.
Not the Titanic, but the Voyager of the Seas wan't bad after all!

Wifi was USD 150/day and I wasn't going to pay to be disturbed during the holiday. I didn't take much photos either since I was enjoying my time, eating, flow riding, wall climbing and playing basketball. All those things are complimentary on the cruise! Most times, I would hit my SLR in the deposit box and toured the ship with my phone. That's why the photos aren't really high quality. 
One of the ship's entertainment: broadway hits 
The flowrider on the left. My simple mom and dad on the right. 

My friends have asked me, if I was bored. My answer was simply no. There were lots of things to do at the ship. Most nights, I would stay up just to watch people gambling, winning and losing at the ship's casino. It was very fun to watch since I won't have the heart to gamble. Other than that, I would hit the gym, enjoy the 24/7 food and drinks, swim and hit the jacuzzi. However, I've heard of ships filled with younger crowd. I bet that would be a great ship to aboard! 
Probably the only photo I took in Phuket. Nothing much to see in comparison to the beaches in my country.
Upon arriving to Singapore, I was quite hesitant to leave the comfort of the cruise. Everything was served and given to you on the table! However, I was quite excited to leave as well. Perhaps, I had my good portion of signal free vacation and I couldn't wait to go back to the world. But first, Singapore!
Inside a temple I visited 2 years ago. A lot has changed since then.
I'm guessing he's the head monk. You can almost see it from his perfectly curved head, right?
If you are ever in Singapore, Gillman's Barack is a must visit! I never realized that sophisticated art and hipster culture could blend in together! I had the most fun enjoying indie bands, eating, drinking and touring around exhibitions in Gillman's Barack. 

I've had a good one night stay in Singapore before heading home to Jakarta. I was recharged and ready for work, just because I realize that my next vacation requires me to earn more money. Boss, if you are reading this, please understand I love my job and that nothing here is written on a serious note...

except for the part that says I need to earn more money. It has only been 3 days and I am looking forward for another trip!
Good bye Singapore!

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