Know What You Want - Erwin McManus

As Christians, God has given us the ability to ask, knock and seek Him. Most times, the problem is not in seeking God, but the problem is in knowing what to ask.

Read Matthew 20:29-34

Despite of the obvious, Jesus asked the 2 blind men, “What do you want me to do for you?” He wasn’t being sarcastic or even clueless. He was making sure that the 2 blind men knew what they want.

The problem is, most people ask for too little. Instead of asking for vision, the 2 blind men could actually be asking for a cane so they can walk properly, or even unlimited wealth. 

The same goes to us. A lot of us ask too little because we are terrified to pray big prayers. Actually, the size of our prayers shows the capacity of our faith. While we keep on praying small prayers, little by little we will forget that our God is bigger than our biggest prayers.

Back to the story.

When the blind men were talking to Jesus about their big prayers, the crowd rebuked them. It goes to say that the crowds are allergic to big prayers. Not everyone owns a big faith capacity. To make it worse, people with small faith are envious towards those with large faith and big prayers.

Reality check: Is anyone rebuking you for your prayers? If no one is rebuking you for your prayers then your prayers are not big enough.

Does God know what we need? Yes. But He lets us choose what we want and the size of it.

Read 2 Kings 4:1-7

The story tells us about a widow who is left with nothing other than a jar of oil. In desperation she cried out for help until Elisha told her to ask for a lot of empty jars from her neighbors. The story ends with the widow having to pour overflowing oil to the empty jars. However, verse 5 stated that the oil stopped flowing until there were no more empty jars.

God is generous as long as we have empty containers to receive his generosity.

We might have prayed big prayers, but do we empty ourselves so that God can start working in us? Are we desperate enough to empty ourselves for God’s work in our lives?

Don’t be afraid to pray big prayers. Once you have the courage, empty yourselves and let him work in you.