Chain Reactions - Steven Furtick

Acts 16:22 – 26

Paul & Silas were taking the gospel to Europe. As they advance, the devil was ready to attack. The collision with the devil is inevitable in our life. If you don’t collide against the devil, you might be heading in the same direction as they are.

The devil doesn’t attack apathetic people. Paul and Silas were such a threat to the devil’s work in Europe that they needed to bring Paul and Silas down.

Now that read the bible verse, it is very easy for us to look at the bright side of all the misfortunes that happened to Paul and Silas. It is pretty to look back, but it is different when they are in it.

Their excitement must have been killed brutally once they were taken to prison. The dreams that they had of Europe must have been shattered and their faith must have been challenged. The only thing that helped them through was their perspective.

Perspective = a product of your ability to connect.

As David was facing Goliath, he was able to create a perspective that connects his experiences in fighting bears to fighting Goliath. This connection helped him saw that if God helped him with the bears, He will help him against Goliath.

Our perspective could be a passport or a prison. It could take us to places or hold us back. Which one would it be to you?

Paul and Silas had a positive perspective that put them in an attitude of praise and worship. But it wasn’t just their perspective, it was something else.

The devil made a mistake and you can see it in verse 24. The devil, made the guard to put them in a singular cell. Paul & Silas were put together in a cell. Christians, gathering together has definitely become the devil’s nightmare since then.

Our praise and worship is STRONGER TOGETHER. It is so strong up to the point it shook the ground and set us free from our shackles and chains.

You might be tied up to a problem, but don’t forget to praise God with what you have left. You might not be able to praise God through giving, but praise God through your actions. You might not be able to praise God through ministry in church, but praise God through your positive words in your daily life.

It all starts from our perspective. Our perspective could bring a massive chain reaction that sets us free from our bondage and chains. What is the perspective that you are wearing today?

Are you going to let your chains break your perspective? Or are you going to let your perspective and praise break your chains?