Hi there! 

The name is Demas Ryan, a full time traveler, writer and radio broadcaster. You might had known me before as a radio announcer, but today, I am chasing my own interest to create a path to see the world. In short, this blog is made for you see the world through my experiences, so that one day you can explore them yourself!

Other than traveling, I take lots of concern in the social issues that we are facing today. On regular days, I work 9 to 5 and host events as a Master of Ceremony. Other than that, I take great pleasure in investing my time and skills into training and equipping those who wish to learn about the same path. I believe that my 5 years of experience in these industries are not to be kept alone, but to shared.

Basically, I'm at your service! You can check out my simple portfolio by scrolling down below. Through a simple email to talktodemas@yahoo.com, you can literally talk to me

Some collaboration projects:

Venture Travel Magazine

Mazze Up Online Magazine

Lasting Moments Entertainment